Get-Together Organised at Bhojli Resort:

News update : SATI ALUMNI family get-together to welcome new-year 2014 conducted successfully on 19th of Janaury'14 (SUNDAY) at Bhojli resort Mana-Tuta, Abhanpur road Raipur. The participation was great and everyone enjoyed a lot.  Snaps you can see flashing above or on the photos page. Shri Salooja, VP Hira group also participated and expressed happiness over such events being organised. Er. Jeevan Singh, Project Manager , Naya Raipur also participated and added to the liveliness of the get together.  Shri Amit Shrivastava, (2004 Batch) coordinated the event with full dedication and everybody recognised his effort.

               Apart from this some formal decisions were also been announced like Shri VN Singh (1982 batch) have been unanimously nominated as the President & Shri Prashant Jain (2004 batch) have been nominated as Secretary for SATI Chhattisgarh Alumini association for the year 2014 (and till further change). Both of them expressed their gratitude to all the seniors and members for extending this privilege. 

Welcome message,

        All alumni of SATI currently in Chhattishgarh are requested to join the site by getting to members page. This site is being developed in a way to serve as a common information portal to stay connected. The string of SATI winds us together but the beads are thrown here and there. Now there is a need to come closer and to share the  love and respect we hold for each other. We are recievimg constant inspiration from our Great Grand Senior Col. J S Virdi, (SATI 1965 Batch), for making a close group of SATIANS who are currently at Chhattishgarh and we are determined to live up to his aspirations. 

     Please Join the site and dont forget to upload your photo.  Some more pages are yet to be added like profiles of success icons from SATI currently in Chhattishgarh. For all of this your help and support is required so come farward and hold the hands together. You can send your success story or your career profile to us and we will create a dedicated page for you.  You can also share your views on any subject or your suggestions for improving the website on the Blog page. Your valuable feedback worth a lot to us. 


Site Administrator : Prashant Jain (SATI - 2004 Batch)

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About SATI:

The Institute was established on November 1, 1960 under the 'Open Door' policy of the Government of India, by the Maharaja Jiwajirao Education Society, Vidisha with a donation from the Gangajali Trust Fund of the Scindias, erstwhile rulers of the Gwalior state and commitment of non-recurring and recurring grants from the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh in agreed proportions. However, the Government of Madhya Pradesh had undertaken to meet the entire non-recurring and recurring deficit of the Institute budget for approved programs after the first five years of establishment of the Institute.

The Institute started with a total intake of 120 students per year in the three major disciplines of engineering, namely, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. It was affiliated to the Vikram University Ujjain to which the three other colleges in the region, namely, MACT Bhopal, SGSITS Indore and MITS Gwalior were affiliated at that time. After the creation of the Bhopal University at Bhopal, now renamed Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, the Institute was affiliated to it along with MACT Bhopal. Since 2000 Institute is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Pradhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. It's a matter of Pride for SATIANS that the first Vice Chancellor of this university after this new constitution of affiliation was made was Shri PB Sharma, who is a SATIAN.

About Vidisha

          The town is situated east of the Betwa River, in the fork of the Betwa and Bes rivers, 10 km from Sanchi. The town of Besnagar, 3 km from present-day Vidisha on the west side of the river, became an important trade center in the sixth and fifth centuries BCE, under the Sungas, Nagas, Satavahanas, and Guptas, and was mentioned in the Pali scriptures. The Emperor Ashoka was the governor of Vidisha and it finds mention in Kalidasa's immortal Meghdoot. Besnagar was abandoned in the sixth century, it came into prominence again as Bhelsa during the medieval period. It thus, passed on to the Malwa Sultans, the Mughals and the Scindias.

         The ruins of a Hindu shrine at Vidisha dedicated to Vishnu reveal that the foundation bricks were cemented together with lime mortar, the first known example of the use of cement in India. The ruins are of period prior to 2nd century BC.