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Be Indian, Buy Indian and save India

Posted by Prashant on February 28, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (43)

     All foreign companies are siphoning off money from India through their products and services. Before Liberalisation (i.e. in 1990) a dolar was worth 18 rupees and we all know the condition today. This all is due to the one sided 'free trade agreements' which our corrupt politicians sign by taking huge bribes. This is similar to what desh drohi Mir Jafar did for East India company during Battle of Palassey and we lost despite of our 18000 soldiers fighting against 300 English soldiers. Mir Jafar who was senapati asked our soldiers to surrender without fighting. All 18000 were murdered afterwards in Bengal jail. So save country and the only way out is to ignite swedeshi movement. Please see the list of swadeshi products  (through the link ) and choose wisely.